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I am delighted to have you as a visitor to our web site. I know how difficult it is to commit to continuing your education and also how time-consuming it can be to find just the right University or College to help you achieve your educational goals and training.

At Hamilton College we are committed to helping working professionals further their education without having to leave their current occupations or local area to do so. Let's face it. Sometimes it's just not possible to go back to school full-time when you have family and work responsibilities. All of our courses are offered online so you can work on your own time schedule and at your own pace. When "life" happens, you can be sure that you won't be dropped from a course or program. You can pick up where you left off and keep moving ahead toward your goal as long you communicate with your professors.

Unlike many traditional colleges and universities, our professors have real-world experience, so you will be learning more than just theory from a textbook. Our professors and faculty members act as mentors and coaches. The programs are made up of university professors, successful health care managers, successful public health managers, highly successful business and governmental leaders and educators in executive leadership, management development, human resource management, training and education. Our faculty members not only has high a academic degrees, but also practical skills in areas covered in the programs.

Contrary to popular opinion, many students in online programs report that they actually have more interaction with peers and professors than in a traditional classroom setting. Through online chat rooms, forums, e-mail and cohort groups you are always in contact with fellow students and with responsive professors who are dedicated to your success.


Jothi Jothishankar, PhD
University President